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1. suzalulu week was concluded successfully and Rina is a lovely human being who was so kind to respond to my craving for more Silk and Steel and even dedicated it to me, hogod. Bless you Rina <3

2. I put up two things during that week:

1) Ground Zero which is the inception AU I always wanted (though, as it turns out, I got really frustrated trying to write it orz) T-rated for now

2) A Dawn of Wyverns which is/will be my new magnum opus (and which I will just be referring to as 'wyverns' from now on whenever I talk about progress)
Basically a historical fantasy AU loosely based on Game of Thrones, inspired by a kinkmeme prompt (although idk where OP went, so that's a little sad. Oh well) Here we have: arranged marriage, dragons, and a more egalitarian omegaverse setting - which, yes, also means mpreg ;D
(haha the new big project also involves mpreg
no but seriously were any of you even surprised that it was me lmao)

WELL ANYWAY. Now that it's clear that it was me who was posting that over at the meme, I can complain talk all I want about it!

and OH BOY while I'm really pleasantly surprised at the good reception it's been getting on Ao3 (also thank GOD, and I am so grateful that most readers/most of my readership now seems to be on ao3 because ffn is a pain in the fucking ass to use) --
..the pressure is also kind of building hahah. BUT I really want to write this, so I shall press on

I'm about 1/3 through the second chapter, and it will probably need more tightening after this first draft is done. Hopefully I can at least finish the draft before my finals in December??
I have to hammer out a term paper in the coming week and GET FUCKING CRACKING on my thesis though, sobs

HOWEVER, fic is an excellent distraction from the obligations of schoolwork. Apparently, this is the case even when I am fussing over newly discovered plotholes, like I was yesterday. I think I finally managed to figure that one out, but it took up a load of time and froze my writing mood even though said plothole happens much much later in the story - and I'm still bouncing my new solution off YX to make sure it's coherent
(I feel like Edna Mode already. ThIS (sekkrit) PROJECT IS COMPLETELY CONFISCATING MY LIFE)
I WOULD HAVE ASKED FOR MORE HELP, but there's also something that makes me go "aww :( " if I have to spoil things for someone who doesn't already know what's coming, so - reaching out to more people is something I'd probably do only out of sheer desperation lmao.

Well, in any case, I do know what's going to happen in general - so it's just a matter of figuring out how to make it flow nicely and finding the time/peace/privacy to write it all. And I'm about as excited to share it as I am for the last book of Captive Prince, which, holy shit, IS as good as they say it is. I was wary at first because of the premise and the mentions of non-con but those turned out to be very brief and unrelated to the main pairing anyway and the actual plot is SO MUCH more satisfying and right up my alley. YOU ALL SHOULD READ IT.

3. Speaking of fic updates/progress, I'm also indefinitely taking part in this meme on tumblr because while I don't want to give away spoilers, I love talking about my fic! So feel free to send me your questions if you have any :D
(idk if anyone has actually checked or actually reads this dw blog for my updates, buuut I shall post that up here anyway just in case)

4. Apparently there were some GOOD dramatic tears during the MBS Anime Festival? (I translated the reports here.) What I've come here to say though is that I BOUGHT THE FILE FROM THE EVENT, YESS IT IS FINALLY MINE, A NEW KIMUTAKA ILLUSTRATION WITH SUZALULU 8D 8D 8D man i had to endure so much trouble with yahoo auctions japan to get it, but NO REGRETS
I'll put the scans up in other places in a bit, but for now, here are all 3 versions! I'm sorry about the lines - it's a plastic file and I did my best orz

More doujinshi coming soon-ish in the mail too, so I am excited for that.

5. Just for archival purposes/organization's sake, since my public posts on dw are supposed to contain stuff related to fic or ficlets that aren't published elsewhere (and aren't too embarrassing):
Here's that suzaku/lelouch(+Gino) caveman AU Eggy and I did sometime back, just by borrowing and twisting the script from a Klaine fill on some Glee kink meme. NSFW. But such a golden, golden script. Bless you Eggy <3

My CG rambling tag should probably be converted to 'suzalulu is my purpose in life seriously'
Also, if I don't finish this section of my chapter by tonight, someone needs to smack me. I HAVE PUT IT OFF LONG ENOUGH
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Both parts written in fulfillment of memes. PG-13, suggestive but no smut.

Plot notes for this remain really sketchy and date back as far as 2011. This is not likely to turn into a full-length fic at anytime and was more of a "lol, hey, vampires" romp.

In chronological order:

I. The smell of bloodlust makes everything easier (Mar 2011) )

II. 'That was reckless.' (Aug 2015) )
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Ah, man, I've missed writing about my two favorite boys. I wish I could tell you what this is, but I can't because I don't quite know the answer myself. Beware indulgent amounts of melodrama in this one.


'You're going to need more than that to convince me.' )


In other news I am more or less done with my internship. My goal for the upcoming week is to increase my weeaboo/geek levels by another 50 points by signing up for a myfigurecollection account and furnishing it lovingly with photos. Also I am being told to watch KuroBas. My other goal is to get Ming to watch and like Spirited Away after we watch KuroBas. Such are the good times to be had before school starts again in a couple weeks. Oy.

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