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Ah, man, I've missed writing about my two favorite boys. I wish I could tell you what this is, but I can't because I don't quite know the answer myself. Beware indulgent amounts of melodrama in this one.


Lelouch had half-expected this, though it became clear that things were going to become far more difficult the moment Suzaku dropped all formalities.


Suzaku didn't flinch. "You're going to need more than that to convince me."

But there was no battle to be won here. No argument to be resolved, no compromise to be made. Not this time. Lelouch refused to allow himself to even think of another way. Suzaku's eyes were fire and stone in the light, but none of that mattered now. His knight would simply have to accept that this was how it had to be.

"I don't have to convince you of anything." Lelouch heard himself as if from far away. "Stand down. You're released henceforth from my service."

"-You can't do that."

"I can if I so choose." Lelouch drew away and began striding toward the door, resolve only made stronger now by an ache blossoming fast in his chest.

"There was no one around to witness-- you can't do that."

Suzaku's grip on his arm came wrenching so forcefully and suddenly that Lelouch couldn't even bring himself to cry out in surprise.

"I swore." Suzaku ground out, fingers digging into Lelouch's cuffs and burning against his skin with every ounce of his desperation. His voice was hoarse, choked, and even through the haze of pain Lelouch could see the tears gathering fast in the other man's eyes. "You chose me and I swore an oath to protect you above everything else, to lay down my life for you regardless of any situation and I did it all willingly with my heart and my trust. You go, I go. You don't have to tell me whatever the fuck is going on if you don't want to but understand this - until all of this is over and until I can be assured of your safety I am not. letting you. out of my sight."

The tears were flowing freely now and Suzaku's hold on his prince's wrist loosened, but the knight didn't let go.

Lelouch felt himself swallow thickly. "I could have your whole arm cut off for speaking to me like that." He said quietly.

"I am well aware." Suzaku's answer was a steady whisper but the anguish was written clearly all over his face. "But I would rather be put to death right here and now than have you die without my trying and I sure as hell won't let that happen simply because I was ordered to stay out of all matters relating to this."

Which is precisely why I cannot have you with me, Lelouch thought, but did not say, because his own throat had started to close. When he finally found his voice again it was a whisper, too.

"Alright," was the word he gave, soft, still - and affirmed once more as Suzaku crumpled with a shuddering sob into arms which folded him close.



In other news I am more or less done with my internship. My goal for the upcoming week is to increase my weeaboo/geek levels by another 50 points by signing up for a myfigurecollection account and furnishing it lovingly with photos. Also I am being told to watch KuroBas. My other goal is to get Ming to watch and like Spirited Away after we watch KuroBas. Such are the good times to be had before school starts again in a couple weeks. Oy.

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